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“CHIN IT” is one of many phrases you can catch me yelling with the kids on the court during one of my skill sessions / classes. To “chin it” would be jumping up to snatch a rebound and lock the ball right up under your chin with your elbows flared out ready securing the ball […]

COVID “timeout”

Basketball is a game of runs. When a team is on a good run, they tend to have the MOJO and most likely are winning (or on a run to get back in the game, make it close, if they were losing). And on the other end of a good run is a bad run. […]


Who is this guy that just blabs and posts his first blog without introducing himself? Uh, yeah my bad…that’s me, Terriel! My name is Terriel Thomas (now you get the TT thing). I am 31 years old. I was born in Chicago, IL (Big Ten fan) but I was raised in Boise, Idaho (Idahome). Yes, […]

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