“CHIN IT” is one of many phrases you can catch me yelling with the kids on the court during one of my skill sessions / classes. To “chin it” would be jumping up to snatch a rebound and lock the ball right up under your chin with your elbows flared out ready securing the ball ready to make your next play to go score the ball on offense. It’s literally the move that seals, stops, a defense session and marks the very beginning of trying to score the ball (put the ball in the basket and do your dance). CHIN IT is the 1st step! The reason why I wanted to introduce this term has to do with the point and time in which we are sitting at the moment. Reflecting from my last blog, COVID will end! Once This virus passes, then what? What is your next step? You’ve snatched your rebound. You’ve got it locked under your chin (CHIN IT) secured, now what are you going to do with it? Where will you take off in life? The million dollar question is, are you ready for that?

The very next play after CHIN IT should be an outlet pass to the point guard (best ball handler) and then the team takes off on the fast break scanning the opponents’ defense looking for an easy, quick bucket. Now this doesn’t always result in that easy bucket, but it does lead to setting up your offense to run a play and find that basket. Using your teammates, passes, certain diagramed movements and schemes trying to catch the opponents making a mistake that leads to your teams bucket. Welcome to Basketball 101! But you, you’re still at the CHIN IT. You’re looking for your post guard and ready to make the pass that jumpstart your fastbreak. Are you ready to make the pass? Are you sure that your ball is secured? Or will it get slapped away. All worries moving forward but you can’t sit too long waiting and reading, the clock is ticking (most levels of basketball has a 10 second coin to have the ball cross the half court line) Tick. Tick. Tick. What’s next? What is it going to be? Tick, tock. Tick. Tock.

Basketball is a simple game. Read and react. the idea is that you’ve trained hard enough to step on that court and be successful. Your coach has the team ready to go and now all there is to do is go out there and do it. Simple. This post COVID life (Post CHIN IT) has many similarities to being in this exact moment on the court. The ball is in our court, we just have to go out there and make things happen. We have to be ready to play and make plays. COVID has given us ample time to self-reflect and figure out a lot about ourselves. Push comes to shove, confidence will play a huge role in our next read on life. The stage will be do we have the confidence to do blah, blah, blah. Will you go back to that job? Company? Or have you touched base with your dreams and what you want to leave that job you hated (probably treated you horribly during this virus epidemic). Eve before any of this work stuff, how do you feel about going out, mingling and picking up your regular routine? Mask? Hand sanitizer? Social distancing? Or switching it all up to adopt a new norm? Are you ready for this? Again, you’ve prepared / trained (or should have) and now you’ve got the ball in your hands with all eyes on you. What will be your next play? What will be the end result? I guess I’m just fired up to get rolling with this next chapter in our lives and would love to hear more about where others are with this thought concept. It will be hard. It is scary. But A) we (the world) needed this break and B) the best part about living in this beautiful world is that we have total control over our lives. Im not talking politics nor other bs concerning limitations (so we think) but the actual power in our hands. A lot of us do what is necessarily to survive. A lot fo us sacrifice. And a lot of us have the contrary and live well. But we all have not been able to begin from the very exact starting point at the end of the day. This game, our individual game of life (we are all holding that CHIN IT) we will be able to direct our lives in the very direction in which we want. For whatever the reasons may be, you can. The point guard can’t begin the break without your pass. The defensive effort doest even end without your scoring high to snatch that ball out the air and securing it with a mean CHIN IT…so what are you going to do now? Are we getting buckets or nah?

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