COVID “timeout”

Basketball is a game of runs. When a team is on a good run, they tend to have the MOJO and most likely are winning (or on a run to get back in the game, make it close, if they were losing). And on the other end of a good run is a bad run. A team is running up the score and well, just can’t seem to be slowed down. They are bringing that JUICE! Well during these particular types of runs, a good coach will call a timeout to gather the team, make adjustments or simply just put an end to the run flow; you know, mess up the MOJO. Well 2020 was on a hot run that is until COVID-19 decided to call a timeout on us all. Just like the game of basketball, life has its runs, the UPS are the good runs you know the ones we tend to want to keep riding out as long as we can. Then, there are the bad runs that we want to snap out of with a quickness. Also just like the game of basketball, timeouts are limited, coaches receive (depending on level of play) about 5 a game. Our timeout limits look a little different in life: jobs, children, family, stress, fatigue just to name a few. As in a game, we need to cherish our timeouts. Use them wisely.

2020 has been a much needed timeout. Life was on a run (good run) but it was time to slow that run down and make some necessary adjustments to get back in the game. You see, the game I was needing to adjust to didn’t necessarily have me losing, more of fixing the frame of mind I was in that was needing fixing. You see, the game plan I had approaching fatherhood, family and providing, yeah I had it all wrong. I was putting too energy, pressure and time into the providing (work, work, work) that I lost sight of what really mattered. I had no clue of what they, we really needed. I was so focused on my “good run” that as long as I was grinding with my ladies as my motivation (my WHY) then it’ll all fix itself. No sir! (or Ma’am). This COVID-19 adjusted my perspective. The time, being preset, is all that my ladies wanted. Yeah having groceries, a roof over our head and date night mean a lot but nothing compares to the assisting with diary diapers, teething 10-month old or dirty dish duty. Instead of coming home exhausted from the GRIND, quarantine has granted me the opportunity to be present and become apart of the day. This timeout I was able to sit my ass down (which I’m not used to) and listen for once. My wife to be set me straight and it’s changed all the dynamic of who I am. Just like back at SOU (Go Raiders!!!) during timeouts I just watched the board, drank water, looked for my snickers and well never really actually listened to what Coach was saying (half the time he was yelling at me for not being PERFECT even though he was punishing me by not starting me and playing me more due to my “attitude” well and huddle / timeout etiquette…hmmm now it’s all making sense) this virus, being slowed down and now having to listen (no distractions) I’m able to play my part better. I’m able to be the better man that I want to be. I’m able to focus on the things that truly matter most in my life and be in the every day moments instead of the thoughts. I’m able to bring the juice to my relationship and family.

COVID-19 thank you! Seriously, muito obrigado (Portuguese for “thank you very much”) What I was and who I am becoming are all in thanks to you and my soon to be wife. Without this timeout, my run would have ended quick and never been as good as the run I am on now with my team: my Rox, our Princess and the best version on the man they both love so much. This timeout gave me the time I needed to commitment to myself. I needed to be better. I have my team that depends on me, the very best version on me, but I can’t BE for them until I was better for me. I can’t be a better husband and father until I’m a better man. Being a better man makes me a better husband and a better father. And being a better husband and father helps me to become a better coach. And better coaches know how to effectively use timeouts and make the necessary in game adjustments that will lead to success on the court. Just like basketball, life is a game of runs. What adjustments have you made coming out of this timeout!?!

“Team on 3! Family on 6…1,2,3…4,5,6!”

Muito obrigado meu amor, you’re the M.V.P.!

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