Check up

I’m doing it! Yup, Ive officially began my blog. It’s okay, I am a little lost but this is nothing knew to me. I’ve grown comfortable being lost the past 3 years. I was lost the whole time living, loving, eating and coaching my way through China. I am really lost now adjusting to a new norm with my family in Brazil and you know what, I’m ROCKING it! I have not mastered the whole being comfortably uncomfortable and I am more than okay with that. These experiences have opened me up to my harsh realities and growth to a new understanding of who “ME” really is. These uncomfortable experiences have brought things into my life that I used to (and still do) dream of like marriage, fatherhood and yeah, Brazil (its actually better here than I thought and wanted it to be, side blog coming soon) . You know what, sitting here thinking, I’ve got this uncomfortable thing down. Being “lost” has really worked out for me but getting back to the point, I just wanted a platform to share some of these experiences. I want to share my thoughts and stories. I want to invite others to do the same. I want to continue to travel the world and connect with the many cultures through the game of basketball. I want to know who is thinking like me. I want to know who is laughing at me and with me. I want to know who is lost on a playground somewhere looking for somebody to come hoop with them and maybe teach them a thing or two.I want to travel to Belize and Singapore and eat my way through Europe one plate at a time. I want to learn more about Brazil, the culture and all that my beautiful wife is from. I want us to travel and experience life around the world. I want this blog to be that path connecting all this and all of us. Basketball has been very good to me. It has taught many of my life lessons. It has taken me places I only saw on a TV screen or read about in a book. Basketball has introduced me to a lot of great people, culture and has shown me the world. I can only hope that this blog can do something similar. Nonetheless, just another opportunity to be “lost” and uncomfortably comfortable while I figure this out. So just like in a game of 1’s (1-on-1 basketball) “I got next.” Kicks are laced. Shot feels silky and my handle is feeling really good. Confidence in hand and I’ve checked up sitting in my D-stance arms up, chest up, eyes on the waist and on the balls of my feet ready for whatever moves life (this Blog) might try to bring this way… “Not in my house, baby!” (as I wave stare down waving my Dikembe finger).

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